About Association “INDIA”

The association is non-profit association established under the laws of Republic of Bulgaria. The association has been established in year 2016 for an indefinite period of time having its seat in Sofia and registered address as Bulgaria, Sofia, 24 Patriarch Evtimii Blvd. The association is incorporated for pursuing of private benefit activity.


To foster social welfare, promote cultural and social interactions among the members & others and raise awareness regarding issues relevant to India.



The purposes of the Association are the following:
1.       Improving contacts and communication between Indians and the persons of Indian origin living in Bulgaria.
2.       Share information among its members.
3.       Educate and encourage Indians and persons of Indian Origin living in Bulgaria to join and participate in the Association.
4.       Organize social activities for its members
5.       Organize cultural events and festivals, sports events, excursions and enjoyment for its members.

Patron of Association “INDIA”

Her Excellency Ambassador of India Ms. Pooja Kapur

Management Board

Mr. Lovesh Sharma
Mr. Kuljeet Singh
Mr. Rohit Dhiman
Ms. Aishwarya Duhan
Ms. Nidhi Kumar
Mr. Prakash Chandra Mishra
Mr. Satish Ramachandran
Mr. Rajesh Kaushal
Mr. Jinal Sobhag Shah


Office Bearers

Chairman – Mr. Lovesh Sharma
Vice Chairman – Mr. Kuljeet Singh
General Secretary – Mr. Rohit Dhiman
Treasurer – Ms. Aishwarya Duhan

Committee Members

Sports Secretary – Mr. Prakash Mishra
Regional Secretary (Pleven) – Dr. Gurpreet Singh Variaah
Regional Secretary (Plovdiv) – Ms Meghna Teena Batra
Regional Secretary (Varna ) – Mr. Stephen Varghese (Steve Satya)

Annual Financial Statement

year 2016